A Wild Finish

There’s almost too much excitement around the big leagues to blog about these days with only two weeks until October, but things are getting Wild in the Wild Card races, and everyone knows all you have to do is get in it to win it.

The Red Sox look good at the top of the American League Wild Card standings for the AL’s fourth berth in the Postseason, but the Twins are still kicking after their dramatic win Thursday over Tampa Bay.


In the National League, it’s a different story. The Mets have fallen out of the lead in the NL East, but they’re still holding a tight lead on the Milwaukee Brewers for the Wild Card, and a big effort by their big horse, Johan Santana, kept them in charge Thursday.


Things aren’t looking so good for the Yankees, and the last time Major League Baseball had a postseason without them was 1993. I can’t believe it, and I’m sure a lot of you can’t either, but that’s baseball, right?

Added to that stunning fact is the reality that baseball’s Cathedral is closing down at the end of the season to make way for the shiny, new ballpark across the street.

So I would like to give an official O.G. shout-out to all the majestic moments we’ve witnessed at that big ballyard in the Bronx, with a big nod to my personal favorite, Aaron Boone’s 11th-inning walk-off piece off Tim Wakefield in that epic Game 7 of the 2003 AL Championship Series to beat the Red Sox.


Then again, there are about 100 others that come to mind, too. I’d be blogging all night if I was going to list them all. I don’t have that much time, but you all can help me out by voting in the poll and commenting.

So bring it: What are your favorite Yankee Stadium moments?

I want to hear all about them.



  1. amysoxgirl

    Personal favorite, though not a big deal – just a game I was at: It was a Tuesday, mid-September 1998. Wakefield pitched for the Red Sox. I think Tom Gordon closed the game. I know the Sox won. Nomar stole 2 bases, Varitek hit 2 home runs… if I remember correctly. We had seats about 4 rows behind the on deck circle for the Sox. Mo Vaughn, Nomar, Tek, Trot, Valentin, they were all right there waiting for their turns at bat. They chased the Yankees pitcher out by the 4th inning, I think. That was my only time actually at Yankees Stadium, and I will always cherish that memory.

  2. b0s0x86

    My fav is not there in the polls so I’ll share it here. Game 6 ALCS. October 19, 2004. The Bloody Sock game. Schill looked fabulous, and the Red Sox tied the series 3-3 after being down 3-0. We all know what happened on my second favorite night (game 7 ALCS) where the Sox just hammered the Yanks to complete the greatest comeback in the history of baseball. In those two nights, almost all the pain and agony from Aaron **** Boone. Also, Rohr’s 1-hitter to start the Impossible Dream season April 1967. Great, great moment.


  3. nylesbianyankee

    Anything good that occurred in games involving the Mets or the hated Redsox. The rivalry can get a bit ugly with either teams no matter if it’s a home game or an away game. The best event was the All-Star Game. What an impressive way to cherish the final year in addition to the pope coming over for visit. Many players from the other teams who made the All-Star teams were lucky to have at least hit and play the sacred field. The Cathedral may be gone but the Yankees’ legacy lives on forever!!!!!!!!!!! Let the history continue in the new 1923 stadium. Thumbs up for October Gonzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mlbmark

    I was a little surprised by the poll results, but not that much — more recent often prevails in a poll that includes lots of younger voters. Out of those, I have to say “Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!” Also, I am pretty sure that 9/21/08 would be one of those six essential games if the voting for those choices had been extended through the whole season!


  5. 108stchs

    I gotta go with the Boone HR. Or the B.K. Kim games when he gave up the lead two or three nights in a row… The Boone HR is by far my favorite home run ever though

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