New beginnings

The Cubs and their Nation of fans are partying like it’s 1908, and can you blame them? They officially joined the October dance over the weekend, making it two postseason appearances in a row.

Now comes the fun part — seeing if the team from the North Side of Chicago can take 100 years of close calls, disappointments and heartbreakers and turn it all into one World Series title. And why not? Their South-Side neighbors did it in 2005 and the Boston Red Sox did it in 2004. It’s the decade to end all “curses.”

Or maybe it’s just the year of the underdog.

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, thought the Tampa Bay Rays could go from the worst record in the Major Leagues to an October clinch with a week to go in the regular season. But when you’ve got young talent all over the field, veteran role players, a great bullpen and defense and an optimistic manager who gets you to click from Day 1 in Spring Training … well, I’ll say it again. Why not?

But before we all say hello to October, we had to say goodbye to Yankee Stadium on Sunday night. I’m a grown man, but I’ll admit that my eyes watered a bit, especially when the Captain delivered the final speech.

That’s what baseball is all about. And October’s what baseball’s all about, too.

One more week and we’re there.



  1. flairforthedramatic

    Never thought the Rays would be contending this soon, let alone being at the top of the division but baseball is full of surprises.
    My eyes almost got watery as well on Sunday with everything that was going on and after hearing Jeet’s speech. It’s funny that he hadn’t even written anything and was actually thinking about what to say in the 9th inning lol. Sunday at the stadium was one of those days that makes you proud to be a baseball fan, and even prouder to be a Yankee fan if you’re one.
    V –


    I am cool with talking about the Rays and their miracle season, the cubs and their ‘curse’, and I’m even ok with the ‘house that ruth build’ remembrance (even though I haven’t heard anything about Shea?????). But seriously, can a Twins fan get some love? What could be the most improbable come back by a team picked by all to finish 4th or 5th in the division. With hustle, defense, speed, young pitching, and NOT HITTING HOME RUNS (see white sox), what’s not to love? I like you gonzo, but comon, no love for the MN?

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