Wet and wild

I know we’ve all been saying all along that October never fails to bring things we don’t expect. Well, last night’s Game 5 was a new one for everyone involved.

For the first time in history, a World Series game was suspended, and you have to wonder how the Phillies and Rays feel about it considering where things stand.

Things were looking great for Philly early, with Cole Hamels dealing as usual and Shane Victorino’s first-inning single giving the home team a lead it didn’t look like it would give up:


But the Rays aren’t ready to give up and want to win a game away from home to extend the Series, even if it might take them two days to win that game. They clawed back against Hamels, got a gutsy start from Scott Kazmir, and tied the game up right here:


So now we’ve got at least three more innings of Game 5 at some point, and that’s about all we can figure out at this point.

What time will the game start?

Who’s pitching?

Can the Rays win and take this Fall Classic back to Florida?

The fun part is watching to see what happens.



  1. raysrenegade

    I can not wait until Weds Night. This is going to be a wild west shootout for the final 2 1/2 innings.

    If this goes back to St. Petersburg, it will have an advantage for the Phillies, but we all know they want to smash those chances right into the Rays’ kissers.

    We might even see what rookie David Price is really made of tomorrow. I have a brain itch that he will be on the mound aerly in the bottom of the 6th, and this wqill be treated like a starting assignment for the leftie. If he can get control of the liftie dominated lineup it could push the game into the Rays favor.

    But do not count out the rest of the Rays lineup. Pena and Longo might have gone 3-6 last night with 2 RBI’s, but the rest of the team is not lying down either.

    Expect fireworks and total concentration in this instant classic moment. I can not wait until they toss that first pitch. Maybe we can see Darryl Halls sing this one and piece the anthem pieces together for a wild Hall and Oates montage. Play Ball!!!!

    Rays Renegade


  2. barrysupporter

    Haha hey man… i saw you on tv the other day… Never thought a blog could get you on a commercial….Haha keep up the cool blog.

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