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A big week

Are you sweating yet? September is getting tight and the pennant races are heating up even more, but three prime-time players made big-time statements that can carry all the way into the Postseason, and I’ve got to give them some October Gonzo blog love.

First up is Big Z, better known as Carlos Zambrano. He hadn’t pitched in 12 days but he served a whole lot of National League notice that he’s ready now and ready for October by no-hitting the Astros in Milwaukee.


Then there’s Big Papi, better known as David Ortiz. He’s been injured for the Red Sox, but he lives for this time of year and he showed the Tampa Bay Rays a thing or two about that Monday in St. Petersburg.


And let’s not forget the Phillies, who are right in the thick of it again. Sunday saw Brett Myers continue his resurgence to the top of his game, throwing a two-hitter against the Brewers and showing he might just be the October ace they always thought he’d be.


A quick shout-out to the thousands of you who voted in the last poll and kept our conversations going. I want to keep hearing all your thoughts about October and who you think will win it all and make the next Postseason memories. It was also good to see that we’re up to sixth in the rankings of the Latest Leaders at MLBlogs. Who knows? Maybe we’ll make it all the way to the top.

But on the field, you can be sure that more history will be made soon, which is why I don’t plan to miss many games between now and the end of the World Series. Only two weeks until October, and I can’t wait.


Your turn

September is upon us.

It’s show-up or go-home time for the teams in the pennant races all over the Major Leagues, and it’s countdown time until the first pitch of October. I’ve got to say that you all must be feeling the drama the way I am, because you’ve been voting like mad in the October Gonzo polls every week.

The last one, which asked you to name the team that has most surprised you this year, wasn’t exactly a surprise in the end. Of course it was the Tampa Bay Rays, who continue to shock the baseball world by controlling the American League East.

But what surprised me? The thousands upon thousands of responses! You people are passionate about the Postseason, just like I am, and you deserve to be heard.

So here are a few more questions you can respond to in the comment section below. We can keep the discussion going until the lights come out in October!

* What teams that won’t make the Postseason are in the perfect spot to become legendary pennant-race spoilers?

* Which bench players are going to come up huge and make September statements to help get their teams in?

* Who’s going to be the September horse, the starting pitcher who has the biggest month for his October-bound club?

These are just three of hundreds of questions we can all talk about. Now let’s hear thoughts, questions and comments from YOU.