Your turn

September is upon us.

It’s show-up or go-home time for the teams in the pennant races all over the Major Leagues, and it’s countdown time until the first pitch of October. I’ve got to say that you all must be feeling the drama the way I am, because you’ve been voting like mad in the October Gonzo polls every week.

The last one, which asked you to name the team that has most surprised you this year, wasn’t exactly a surprise in the end. Of course it was the Tampa Bay Rays, who continue to shock the baseball world by controlling the American League East.

But what surprised me? The thousands upon thousands of responses! You people are passionate about the Postseason, just like I am, and you deserve to be heard.

So here are a few more questions you can respond to in the comment section below. We can keep the discussion going until the lights come out in October!

* What teams that won’t make the Postseason are in the perfect spot to become legendary pennant-race spoilers?

* Which bench players are going to come up huge and make September statements to help get their teams in?

* Who’s going to be the September horse, the starting pitcher who has the biggest month for his October-bound club?

These are just three of hundreds of questions we can all talk about. Now let’s hear thoughts, questions and comments from YOU.



  1. b0s0x86

    For the bench players, you have to go with Boston. They’ve had a lot of injuries this season, letting bench men like Bailey shine. The fact that, despite all the injuries this season, they are still in the race speaks volumes about their depth and talent on the bench.

    I think the schedule is going to be the spoiler for many teams this year. Many of the wild-card hopefuls and division leaders have more road games than home ones in September, all against teams with a winning record.

  2. joemommaa

    im seeing rocco baldelli be the biggest bench player to come alive in the hunt for october im also seeing the rockies make a turn around to knock out the dodgers and d backs for the nl west

  3. redstatebluestate

    The Spoiler: Watch it be the Houston Astros. All those games against NL Central opponents looking to get a spot in the playoffs and they’re on a roll.
    Bench Players: Dare I say Tony Clark?
    The September Horse: Can’t go wrong by saying C.C. Sabathia… but something tells me any one of the Rays starters might steal the show.


    Biggest Spoiler…I would have to say Toronto Blue Jays. They’ve played tough in their division.
    Bench players: Kotsay.
    September pitcher: C.C. Sabathia or one of the littler known TB pitchers

  5. A.C.

    With the way the Astors are playing, they might make things a lot tighter for the big three on top of the NL Central: Cubs, Brewers, Cards.
    The Jays, Rockies, and Indians are also hanging tough lately, and could be trouble for thier respective divisions.
    September horse: Sabathia or Harden, both incredible pickups for the division rivals. I also have a feeling that dark horse Matt Garza, who has been stepping up all year, is armed and geared for this final stretch.

  6. theburghblues

    The Spoiler: I say the New York Yankees. Can anyone truly see October without the Bronx Bombers?

    Bench Players: Nomar Garciaparra is going to be absolutely clutch for the Dodgers this September.

    The September Horse: Scot Kazmir needs to show that not only is he an ace, but that the Rays deserve to be in the playoffs.

    Those are mine!


    the September horse in my opinion has to be the Mets’ Mike Pelfry. Look at what hes done this season and hes only going to get better down the stretch. He is my pick for the September horse.

  8. jays55rpw

    I just want to comment on the spoiler who in my humble opinion, is definitely the Toronto Blue Jays. Since Cito Gaston took over as manager for Joe Gibbons, they’ve been a new team. Over the past month, they’ve become a “post-season type” team. As of today, they’ve won 8 straight games, sweeping both the Twins than the AL-East leading, Rays. They’re now, right up there with the Yankees and are looking for their annual third place finish. If they could have played all year like they have of late, they definitely would haven been in the post season. As of now, that doesn’t look too realistic but weirder things have happened. Go Jays! =]


    Spoiler- I gotta go with my team the Yanks, I just cant picture an October without them.

    Bench Players- How about a young man named Daniel Murphy on the NYM. He adds a nice bat any where in the lineup and a nice glove in the outfield. Any extra runs will serve a shaky Met bullpen some good.

    September Horse- Scott Kazmir, he has got the make up of a staff ace, the stuff to one day make a run for a Cy Young. Now it’s time for him to seal the deal in the AL East.

  10. bravesfan4l

    The team with the biggest spoiler role has to be the Atlanta Braves. Even though they are out of contention, they still have a good team and 12 of their last 15 games are against either the Mets or Phillies. They will decide who wins the National League East.


    I think the biggest spoiler will be the cincinnati reds in NL central. They just got rid of griffey and dunn and now have a bunch of of rookies with good attitudes that want to win and be the biggest spoiler

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