Unsung heroes: An October tradition

Does anybody remember Francisco Cabrera? I know you do if you live in Atlanta, and I bet you do if you’re from Pittsburgh, too. Here’s a quick reminder of who he is, in case you forgot:


How about Yadier Molina? Do you recall what he did two years ago in New York?


See what I’m getting at? Every Postseason has guys just like these: hard-working players who raise their game when everything is on the line in October.

For every Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Kirby Puckett and Big Papi, there are a bunch of scrappy role players like Bernie Carbo, Bucky Dent, Lenny Dykstra, Dan Gladden, Otis Nixon, Craig Counsell, Juan Uribe and David Eckstein who are instrumental in flat-out getting the job done.

Who’s it going to be this year? Well, we’ve got most of September to ponder that question.

I know I’ve got a few in mind already.

Here’s one who plies his trade just outside L.A.:


And here’s another one in Boston, sizzling at the right time.


There are almost too many to choose from, but the beauty of October is that the right players will choose the moments for all of us.

So who’s it going to be? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



  1. leatherankh@sbcglobal.net

    I see two guys on the Cubbies that could fit perfectly. One is your fellow MLBlogger, Mark DeRosa. He’s cooled off as of late, but you can’t ignore a 20 HR/ 90 RBI season from a guy that has spent most of the year hitting in the bottom third of the order. Notice also that he is near the top of the league in runs scored.

    The other is just the other side of 2nd base from DeRosa, Ryan Theriot, who has very quietly been in the top 5 in batting average all year. How many of Rami’s 100+ RBIs come from this guy setting the table for him?

    These two are the biggest reasons that the Cubs are near the top of the league in runs per game while only having 1 guy so far with 100 RBIs and nobody yet with 30 homers. If the Flubbies don’t flub this year, it will be because of these two, not because of the superstars.


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