Crazy time

Any baseball fan knows that when you get to October, you throw everything out the window because you know crazy things are bound to happen.

And this year? Turns out crazy stuff is happening all over the place ALREADY.

Who would have thought that it would be late August and the Tampa Bay Rays would still be in first place in the American League East … over the Red Sox AND Yankees? Not me, but here they are.


If you told me in April that CC Sabathia would be leading Milwaukee’s rotation on a serious Postseason run, I would have flat-out spilled coffee all over my keyboard in a fit of laughter. But, again, here’s CC, dealing for the Brew Crew when it counts the most.


I think I could have believed that the Angels would be in first place, but I NEVER could have predicted them trading for Mark Teixeira in the heat of a pennant race. That’s what I call serious October commitment.


And Manny Being Manny, Hollywood style? Now that’s just too much.


And that’s the point. As the calendar inches ever closer to October, you gotta get ready for crazy, because once the Postseason starts, it just gets crazier.



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    The Jays should have won that game, but I gotta give credit to Tampa. They are a scrappy team that gets by on pitching and great defence, like that catch. I can’t wait to see them in the playoffs. They will definately be the underdog again. I don’t think they mind that.

  2. theburghblues

    Baseball is crazy in general, but yes OG, it gets even crazier once September hits. Do me a favor though, Gonzo. Don’t forget to give a shout out for all of those teams that aren’t in a pennant race, but look to be spoilers (I.E Washington Nats, San Diego Padres, and yes, the mighty Pirates). I dig the blog, man.


    The Chicago Cubs are built to win. The pitching, depth, and deep line up will deliver this fall. The 100 year wait will be over.

    Century Peat!


    Has anybody actually heard Joe Girardis coment on why the Yankes are not doing so good this year? He has blamed the batting, the injuries, the pitching, etc. Well let me tell you something, he hasn’t been doing a good job either. Allow me to elaborate. I went to two of the four games that we played in texas in the beginning of August (the two that we lost). I saw how Girardi let a reliever (Marte) throw almost 50 pitches and he was not even throwing strikes. My God he is a relief pitcher and he started good but, of course, he started to get tired.
    Since little league the coaches teaches you that if a pitcher is walking a lot of batters, that pitcher is going to throw an easy strike to try to get back on track and they teach you to wait for that pitch and just slam it. Well on that game Marlon Byrd knew this and he hit a grand slam to win the game. Girardi had two pitchers on the bullpen. No left handed batters where up, and Marte had 47 pitches already. Regardless to say, we lost on the first pitch to Byrd. After that game (in my humble opinion) everything its been going downhill!!! Girardi its a good manager but (as sad as it is for me to say) he is also to blame in the way this season is going for the yankees.


    I am disapionted on the way the Yankees have been playing. We made some questionable trades. The only one that was beneficial was the one for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte. Pudge Rodriguez its not doing much for us and he is not even an every day palyer. I think a lot of the team’s quemistry got messed when we traded Farnsworth. He was starting to throw good, and the team really loved him. Of course nobody would’ve predicted this outcome, bu tif a team is having a good quemistry and was winning, please don’t mess it up!!. Don’t fix something that it’s not broken.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Pudge, he is a hall of famer, and I’m from Puerto Rico like he is, but I think that the quemistry got messed up on that trade.

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