Countdown to the pennant

There’s five days left in August, which means there’s five days to September, a.k.a. official crunch time in the big leagues — and the time when my fingers start sweating just a little bit more as I type away at this blog. The heat hasn’t just been turned up on my desk. It’s all around the Majors, and I can’t decide which is the craziest pennant race.

You can’t tell me you’re not checking out in the National League East every night. The Mets and Phillies are duking it out for the second straight year, and the boys from Queens are looking to reverse the September slide that knocked them out last year. Guys like Mike Pelfrey are stepping up big-time at the right time, which means Shea might stay open for an extra month — October.


Out West, the Diamondbacks and Dodgers are in a serious scuffle, and I’m telling you, this one ain’t over by a longshot, but the D-backs have pulled ahead a little bit in the last week, and it doesn’t hurt when guys like my man Chris Young are getting their groove on at the right time.


Flip a coin in the AL Central. For real. This one is off the hook. The White Sox have been there most of the year because of guys like Carlos Quentin going off, but man, those Twins are tough to shake! You’ve got to give it to an organization that keeps the talent flowing in from the farm system year in and year out. Check out their new guy Denard Span – beating the Angels last week – how do they keep finding these guys?!


Who’s going to win these races? I have no clue. No idea. But that’s the great thing.

I’ve got all of September to figure it out, and it starts in five days.




    Look, I love baseball and I appreciate what you (MLB’s promotional team) are trying to do. You’re trying to make baseball seem sexy by making the website seem relatable. To that end you’ve taken a picture of what you believe to be the Average Cool Youth – hip facial hair, Latino, hat backwards – and added a blog. Not a bad start. But where you lost it is in the name and the writing. October Gonzo? OG? Original Gangsta? It’s pretty ham-handed, guys. Do you expect people not to see through that? “Gonzo means crazy, and the playoffs are in October – wow, that must mean baseball’s CRAZY, man, let’s watch it!” But the writing is clearly done by someone older – there was one where “he” (because I know the guy in the picture didn’t write any of it, ever) said something like “all these young players coming of age.” Young people do not talk that way, not about people their own age. If this were the LLWS, it might fly, but it isn’t. I realize the problem is that youth today have no attention span, so baseball seems like a lumbering sloth, and you’re trying to make it seem spicier. I’m all for widening MLB’s audience. But what you’re doing is kind of Wizard Of Oz-like – making it seem cool at the door, but then you get inside and they see it’s a lumbering sloth and turn right back around. Use the young Latino dude, make the writing sound like his age group (which is also mine, basically – I’m 33), but sell what’s great about baseball in that voice – sell the tradition, relate the current players TO that tradition, sell the rivalries. Sound young while praising the backbone of the game, get them invested in that backbone using their language. I’ll do it, if you want.

  2. ff7freak

    To be fair, young people, such as myself (I am 20), can write relatively well, so I don’t think it’s fair to criticize the writing style of “young people”. Other than that, I completely agree with your point. I personally think hiring someone such as myself, a REAL young, passionate baseball fan would have been a better idea. It’s pretty easy to see right through this blog, and it’s upsetting, because I am a die-hard baseball fan, and I feel is taking the wrong approach. Yeah, all the pennant races are great, and I love watching the Rays continue to lead the AL East, but c’mon, couldn’t you have picked a better alias than “October Gonzo”. You made some excellent points jack, and while I see the age group this blog is targeting, I can’t quite pinpoint what kind of fan they are reaching out to, but I know it’s definitely not clicking with me.

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