A big week

Are you sweating yet? September is getting tight and the pennant races are heating up even more, but three prime-time players made big-time statements that can carry all the way into the Postseason, and I’ve got to give them some October Gonzo blog love.

First up is Big Z, better known as Carlos Zambrano. He hadn’t pitched in 12 days but he served a whole lot of National League notice that he’s ready now and ready for October by no-hitting the Astros in Milwaukee.


Then there’s Big Papi, better known as David Ortiz. He’s been injured for the Red Sox, but he lives for this time of year and he showed the Tampa Bay Rays a thing or two about that Monday in St. Petersburg.


And let’s not forget the Phillies, who are right in the thick of it again. Sunday saw Brett Myers continue his resurgence to the top of his game, throwing a two-hitter against the Brewers and showing he might just be the October ace they always thought he’d be.


A quick shout-out to the thousands of you who voted in the last poll and kept our conversations going. I want to keep hearing all your thoughts about October and who you think will win it all and make the next Postseason memories. It was also good to see that we’re up to sixth in the rankings of the Latest Leaders at MLBlogs. Who knows? Maybe we’ll make it all the way to the top.

But on the field, you can be sure that more history will be made soon, which is why I don’t plan to miss many games between now and the end of the World Series. Only two weeks until October, and I can’t wait.



  1. ramongonzalez66@yahoo.com

    Big kudo’s to The Big Z. I have now seen two cubs pitch no hitters. I remember watching the last one, Pappas, as a kid, and this one on MLB.TV. What a way to spend a Sunday.


  2. cubsfan1972

    To stick with the title “A Big Week”, it sure was…
    It all started Sunday with a “No-No” and ended Saturday with
    A “yes-yes” we clinched. Y’all know who I’m talkin’ ’bout, that’s right the Chicago Cubs, but to start it in Milwaukee against the every year late bloomers Houston Astros and finish n clinch
    at home against the redbirds, O M G, I bet the Reds and the Pirates are feelin a little left out cuz they had no part in the matter. Eitheer way it wouldn’t have mattered, just as long as these guys (chi cubs) keep winning all the way to the end of October, and then the real Octoberfest will start. I do have to say this, I am enjoying this ride just as much as anybody. Its been way too freakin long to stop “LET’S GO CUBBIES”!!!!!!!
    thanks O G peace

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