Dog days

Here’s a trio of random O.G. blog-servations from the heat of early August… only seven weeks from October, but who’s counting?

*Have you been watching the Cubs? Signs throughout Wrigley say “It Will Happen,” and I can’t really argue when I watch these guys play. Sweet Lou has them feeling it, Ryan Dempster’s out of his mind, and Kerry Wood’s coming back, too. They’ve pulled away from the Brewers a little bit and might be ready to finally give the North Side some World Series championship love for the first time in exactly 100 years.


*No matter how you feel about the Yankees (and I think I know how a lot of you outside New York feel), it’s a bummer that Joba’s hurt. The Yanks already don’t have Chien-Ming Wang and Phil Hughes right now, so now we’ll see what this kid Ian Kennedy is made of. We might also get a Carl Pavano sighting soon. Who knows? Maybe the fresh arms will get the Bombers back on top. Stranger things have happened in October.


*I’ve got one more for you and it’s got three words: Tampa Bay Rays. OK, two more words: Still there. These guys keep winning games in crazy fashion, they’re absolutely ridiculous at home, and their manager, Joe Maddon, has them believing there’s nothing they can’t do. I’m here to tell you that when you have a little confidence, you can rule the postseason — even if you’ve never been there before. Joe saw it close up when he was the bench coach of the ’02 Angels. And now he’s got Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena. That doesn’t hurt, either.


More coming soon as we march toward October memories… are you getting fired up?



  1. redstatebluestate

    I’d say the Rays are THE story this year. There’s no way the Cubs even fit in here. They were supposed to be good. Everyone knew they’d be good. You don’t go out and spend that kind of money and have a bad team… well, unless you’re the Tigers.

  2. Nate

    Yeah, I’d go with the Rays too. I mean, if they season ended today they’d finish 161 points higher than they have ever, not to mention the first winning season ever for that team. There’s no way that’s not the story of the season.
    Although the disparity between road and home records takes a close second for me. It’ll be real interesting to see what happens with that in the postseason.

  3. braverays

    It has to be the Rays, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. When I started blogging here in 2007, the then–Devil Rays were a perennial laughingstock. A year later, they are most likely playoff bound. Trading Delmon Young for Matt Garza, signing Troy Percival, calling up Evan Longoria… it has all worked. And it is a truly amazing story, not only to us Rays fans, but to all types of baseball fans.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    What a remarkable team Tampa is this year. Scrappy is the word. They just don’t give up in any ballgame. They have scrapped out a bunch of wins against the Jays. I’m not mad about though, at least a team other than the Yankees or Red Sox is leading the AL east. FINALLY.

  5. WestCoastYankees

    Gonzo, as much as I would like to agree with you that the Cubbies are this year’s story, I have to disagree. Why? Because I heard the same song and dance from Cubs’ fans last year as they stole the hearts of the baseball-loving world only to melt under the heat of postseason lights, bowing out to the Diamondbacks quite easily. Having said that, in my mind, the Cubs need to advance to at least the World Series in 2008 before they become the story of the year. The Tampa Rays on the otherhand, are a very appealing story, since I am partial to the AL East. Too bad Longoria is out with the wrist injury…hope this isn’t the black cat running past the on-deck circle in 1969. As for my beloved Bombers, the wheels began coming off months ago, matter of fact they started coming off after last season ended. Girardi was a bad decision, the youth movement was a bad decision, and the entire team should be ashamed of themselves for how heartless they’ve played. And I apologize, but Carl Pavano didn’t do much when he was healthy (outside of the 2003 postseason in Florida), and he won’t help if and when he comes back. He stole $40 mil from the Yankees, and will only come back this season to try and up his dollars heading into the 2008-09 free agent market. The best thing the Yankees can do for the future (since they appear to care very little about the present), is shut down Wang, Chamberlain, and Hughes, letting them get fully healthy for another run at things in 2009, and while they are at it, perhaps the Yankees should shop for a new GM and Manager too. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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