Dunn right

I’m loving how the trades keep heating things up. Take the National League West, for example. The Dodgers get Manny, so the D-backs turn around and snag Adam Dunn from Cincinnati. Take that, L.A.!

It’s all in the spirit of October, people. Seriously, if you want to rock on to the World Series, you have to make things happen on the field AND with the cell phones.

So what does Arizona get in this Dunn deal? The power, on-base percentage and ability to change a game in a hurry, like Dunn did here.


Here are some other pieces of my blogging brain, spinning dizzy with the postseason possibilities:

*Tough break — literally — for super-stud Evan Longoria and his Tampa Bay Rays. Dude’s a Rookie of the Year shoo-in and now he’s got a fractured wrist? And now he’s got to join Carl Crawford on the DL? It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the big leagues. Here’s what happened:


*I’ve been trying to figure out how the whole National League East picture is going to shake out, but the only thing shaking is my head. If the Mets’ bullpen doesn’t get better in a hurry, the Fighting Fish from South Florida can swim right by them. But if that’s going to go down, my boy Hanley Ramirez needs to break out of his slump and start hitting like this again:


*Did anyone see the Twins coming? Not me, but take a look at the AL Central. There they are, right at the top! Pretty cool the way this organization keeps bringing it, and now that they’ve got Francisco Liriano back, healthy and dealing, who’s to say Minnesota won’t be a major factor in October?


Too many things to think about right now, and we’re not even in late August yet.

Time to relax… and watch more baseball!



  1. WestCoastYankees

    Gonzo, once again I am going to agree and disagree with you. This time the topic is Adam Dunn. You cannot compare the offensive impact between Dunn and Manny Ramirez. Dunn is a .220 hitter, who swings and misses as much as he connects. Given, when he does connect, it generally goes along way, but Manny Ramirez he is not. My question, is why didn’t the D-Backs push harder for a Manny to Arizona deal, when their farm system is loaded, and the Red Sox probably would have been more than willing to pay the remainder of Manny’s ’08 salary, just as they are for the Dodgers? On to the Twins…how many impact players in the Santana trade are helping this year’s squad compete for a division title? None that I am aware of. Had the Twins used their luxury tax money from the big boys, and kept Santana, pair him along with the rest of that rotation, are the the White Sox even in the race at this point? It is indeed bad luck for Longoria and the Rays, but they should have been more active at the deadline, just like you said. If he is indeed out for an extended period of time, perhaps the idea of bringing in a stop-gap measure who can produce wouldn’t be such a bad idea. And no, Rocco Baldelli will not be that guy. Bonds anyone? Thanks Gonzo and keep up the good work. Check out my blog at:

  2. redstatebluestate

    While I didn’t see the Twins coming (this hard) I did see the White Sox… who still don’t get enough credit in my opinion. Gonzo, thanks for being infinitely more tolerable and entertaining than last years’ post-season posterboy: the infamously not-funny Dane Cook. You’re already light years ahead of him, Gonzo. Keep it up.

  3. braves10

    Hey Gonzo, you shouold really check out a Brave game once in a while. You would be suprised at how much heart some of the players have, even though they aren’t doing to great this year. Chipper Jones is the leader of that team in my eyes, and he will be a Hall of Famer one day, so you should watch him now, so you can tell all of your friends that you witnessed him before he retired. But….man I love all your Blogs, and I have to agree with them but, lets see something about the Braves every now and then! But hey, if you wan to read some good things about the braves check out my Blog.


  4. cleat123

    Gonzo, I like reading your blog. You’re loving being able to use all of those videos. Its going to be a great race to the end. I think the Rays will hang in there. It would be great if they played the Cubs. Speaking of the Dbacks, I don’t know if you’ve seen http://www.battingstanceguy.com yet – but he just did a video on the D-backs. Hilarious. I loved the Randy Johnson that he did.

  5. jack4mplz@yahoo.com

    Don’t you realize Gonzo is not a real guy, or at the VERY least that’s not his real name? It’s probably a group of writers whose stuff is analyzed before posting to make sure it uses phrases typical of the 18-25 crowd. I’ll bet you $10,000 that it’s a team of people, and another $1000 that the guy in the picture isn’t one of them, just an actor paid to set the image. Let’s see him do personal appearances and take live questions about baseball’s intracacies. It’s all BS, I PROMISE you.

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