Putting the pressure on

Two games Monday night and two statements made by the visiting teams, who now lead the Championship Series (the Phillies are up 3-1 on the Dodgers and the Rays are up 2-1 on the Red Sox). Here are some thoughts:


It amazes me how the Phillies keep getting the job done without Ryan Howard as their main run-producing source throughout the postseason. Last night the pitching was good enough, but the power game made Dodger Stadium look like Citizens Bank Park. That huge eighth-inning rally with the line-drive, game-tying homer by Shane Victorino and that absolute monster of a game-winner by Matt Stairs showed that this team can almost taste the World Series. A different guy gets it done for them every night.



You can’t take anything away from Manny Ramirez, though. What an October he’s having. It leads me to believe that the Dodgers might have a serious interest in re-signing him, and why not? He might not have had a happy ending in Boston, but it seems like he really fits the Dodgers well and his teammates like playing with him.


The Rays continue to impress me and just about everybody else who didn’t think they’d do much of anything in the American League East this year. Not only did they make their first postseason game in Fenway Park a laugher from the start, but good signs continue to pop up for this club, like B.J. Upton hitting everything in sight out of the ballpark and Matt Garza channeling his emotion in a dominant pitching performance that gave his bullpen some much-needed rest.


Everyone knows it would be silly to count out the Red Sox. They came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Cleveland Indians in last year’s AL Championship Series and they’ve got the knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield, going tonight. He’s tortured Tampa Bay throughout his career.

Let’s hear your predictions and thoughts about tonight, the LCS play moving forward, and how the World Series might set up.



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Well, I was 2 for 2 last night (check the last October Gonzo post)! You can take that to the bank, free of charge no interest. So lets keep it rolling.

    Tampa Bay move in for the kill tonight! Sonnastine can be tough and a scrappy team with speed, like Tampa Bay, can have a lot success against Wakefield. Tampa wins this game, but it will be a lot closer than the last game.

    That loss at home was devastating for the Dodgers last night. I just don’t think they can rebound from that.

    I won’t count the Red Sox out this early, but they have to wake up. I’d bank on them to push a Game 7 in Tampa, and if that is the case they will win. Game 5 or 6 will be crucial for Tampa to win, if they want the series.

  2. papadavespiazza7

    My LA pick is in critical condition! BOSOX hurting big time too! I guess I’m just going to have to pop open a Budlight, and accept a PHILLY-RAYS World SERIOUS! Keep on, keeping on, Rocktober Gonzo, GREAT BLOG, BRO!!

  3. Jenna (Thunder)

    October Gonzo… I LOVE your site. great great GREAT.
    I am a Cubs fan, but now rooting for the underdogs (Rays). I cannot believe the Red Sox lost 9-1 AT Fenway! That’s really strange. Ah well, hopefully they lose! GO CUBS (for now GO RAYS). and keep on truckin’!

    — Jenna (Thunder)

  4. lealsan

    Venezuela was rooting for Chicago (Cubs or White Sox) but now…Rays all the way. Sad thing there is no more venezuelans in the post season. Big Z and Ozzie will try again next year…Go Fish (Sorry, Go Rays)

  5. MLBallhawk

    I have the feeling that one of the sseries’ will go 7 games if both do not end tonight. I think the Dodgers/Phillies series has a better chance of going 7 than the Rays/Red Sox.
    It will be fun to watch! The ideal World Series would have been Red Sox / Dodgers however I think we will all have a great time watching TAMPA BAY kick the crap out of whoever wins in the National League!!

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