Dodging a bullet

The Dodgers needed to win Sunday’s game in a huge way in their return to Chavez Ravine, and they showed some serious passion and power to get it done and cut the Phillies’ National League Championship Series lead to 2-1. Here are some random thoughts on Game 3:


Blake DeWitt’s been a surprising key for the Dodgers at various times this year, and his first hit of the series was the triple that broke it open right away. He has a big-time future but seems comfortable in the here and now.

Hiroki Kuroda might not speak English very well, but he speaks the language of the unwritten code of baseball just fine, apparently. Just ask Shane Victorino.

The importance of a healthy Rafael Furcal can’t be underestimated for this team. If he can continue what he did Sunday at the top of the Dodgers’ order, the boys in blue could run the table in this series.

Today’s a big day, with Derek Lowe pitching on three days of rest for the Dodgers in Game 4 tonight, and Game 3 of the American League Series in the Fenway Park shadows, with Matt Garza pitching for the Rays against Jon Lester of the Red Sox.

How’s everything going to shake down today?

I want your predictions.



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Lester has looked nasty in recent games. Tampa will be in tough, but I think they will be able scrap away a win tonight, with speed and timely hitting. Tampa.

    The Phillies will pound Lowe again, their bats onto him. I don’t see how he get through that game. The Dodgers will have to out hit the Phillies and that might be tough. Phillies.

  2. phightin08

    I’m rooting for the Fightin Phils, but the match up tonight seems a bit lopsided… Blanton vs Lowe? This is the problem with the Phillies, they have no strength towards the end of their rotation. Moyer is a decent pitcher, but I think the stress of pitching in the postseason is going to his head. Blanton’s performance is sporadic, good at times and bad at others. No matter what happens this year, the new management needs to find a more stable pitcher to put in the rotation.

  3. papadavespiazza7

    This may end up a (PHILLY-RAYS) Series! Dodgers seem like their fighting back! Just like a big Heavyweight that got rocked in the early rounds, but that just seemed to wake them up!! And I just heard the RAYS routed the BOSOX big time! My early pick(BOSOX-DODGERS) World SERIOUS is tanking! Check you later OCTOBER GONZO!! GREAT BOLG SITE, BRO!!

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