Heart of a champion

The Red Sox continue to show why they’ve won two of the last four World Series titles. They flat-out know how to get it done in October, and if you didn’t believe they could win it all this year, all you had to do was watch them last night. On to Friday’s games…


The guy they got for Manny, Jason Bay, puts them on top right away with an early homer, and then J.D. Drew breaks a tie with a two-run blast off K-Rod in the ninth! In other words, the Red Sox can taste another title, and going up 2-0 on the road against the team with the best record in baseball is pretty impressive in my book. The Angels have to be wondering what’s going on, losing their Major League-record 11th straight October game against the Sox. Fenway and a possible early clincher awaits …


The tone-setting homer by Akinori Iwamura, the lockdown bullpen, the late insurance runs. It was a textbook October victory for the hometown Rays at the Trop, leading them to another 2-0 series lead heading back to Chicago. Can you believe how poised this young team seems? It’s like they’ve been playing in the postseason for years.

The weekend will be wild, with all four series possibly ending early in sweeps. Let me know who you think will get it done right away and who you think has the goods to pull off a stunner and take three straight.

You know I’ll be watching.



  1. David Horne

    Garza is the right guy for the Rays on Sunday — Tampa brings a broom to Chicago, puts the White Sox out of their misery. I think the Cubs might get a win with Harden, but I suspect the Brewers are done in three — as for the Angels, the best team in the A.L., sure they are . . . put them in the A.L. East with an unbalanced schedule and see if they can still win a division title by 21 games.


  2. yankfan124

    I believe for the Brewers, it’s not over yet. Angels are just about done, Red Sox, early congrats. Dodgers congrats on making the final four, pull out your brooms LA. Rays can win one more game out of the next three. Again, like you said, anything can happen.

  3. migui2001@yahoo.es

    I think it’s gonna be Red Sox vs. Dodgers in the WS and I can’t decide who is my favourite but I just say that if the Dodgers win Manny will be more than a hero. It’s a pity for the teams that done a perfect season and now screw it all up, like Cubs and Angels, but that’s how post-season works.

  4. kstars018

    All these teams are great…but I am really pulling for the Rays. They are a team making history. Going to the games is unbelievable, despite what the media says. I always go home happy. The guys are the greatest, always will talk to you, wave, love the kids, everything. They just define what a team is, and prove that ANYTHING can happen. Boston and Yankees wont be the “best” teams to beat forever! Things are going to change.

  5. fsuatl25

    Lets go rays! They have the pitching, the defense, and the rotation, the only thing that is stopping them is inexperience…or is it?

  6. papadavespiazza7

    The BOSOX are the October kids! They seem to play their best ball in ROCKTOBER!! Get ready for another BOSOX series!RED SOX NATION!!

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