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Thursday’s Division Series games once again blew my mind. You want October amazement? You got it yesterday, big-time. Let’s recap the games.


I don’t remember the last time I heard Wrigley Field so quiet, and for long-suffering Cubs fans, this was a tough one to swallow. The Dodgers offense has come to play, and for the second straight night, they got great pitching, too. In Game 2, it was Chad Billingsley dealing. But enough about the Dodgers. What about the Cubbies? The best record in the National League and they lose two in a row at home? Unreal. But remember, folks. Strange things happen in October. The Yankees went down 2-0 at home in 2001 and came back and beat the A’s in their Division Series. It can happen.



This one was all about Shane Victorino’s grand slam, and maybe about a team finally finding its postseason groove after getting swept in the first round last year. The Phils left for Milwaukee on a serious high point and can you blame them? They did something that hardly anyone could do down the stretch — beat CC Sabathia — and now have huge numbers in their favor. Teams with a 2-0 lead in NL Division Series have won their last 16.



And how about those Rays? Experts claimed they didn’t have enough talent to make it to October, and they shot that down. Critics said they didn’t have the experience to make it all the way through October. Well, maybe they don’t, but they certainly didn’t look intimidated yesterday in improving their league-best home record. And who did a huge portion of the damage? The probable AL Rookie of the Year, Evan Longoria, who looked about as ready for the postseason as anyone ever has in his first crack at it.


It’s starting to get crazy in these series, and I’m watching every inning. Now I want to hear from you. What was your favorite Thursday moment? Did any team make a major statement? Will the Cubs rally? How far can the Rays go?

I’m all ears.



  1. hurleyjc@tmail.com

    Dodgers made the BIGGEST statement in my own opinion. They’re a team on a mission to say “Hey! Dont underestimate us!” Even if Chicago didnt commit those errors the Dodgers still would have won with their hitting. We didnt just “settle” with the 5 runs from the errors. We ADDED on to that lead.

  2. enriquemanriquez@yahoo.com

    What is up October Gonzo? Oh wait, it’s the Dodgers that are up 2-0 in the series, LOL :-). I highly dought that the Cubs will catch up or even win a single game for that matter! Kuroda is very tough at home, tougher than anyone on the staff at home and it’s just that the Dodgers, this year, have been notoriously tough at home. Sorry Cubbies :(, but the blessing of your dugout with Holy Water right before the series… did not work.

    The best thing, for me, that happened on Thursday was how Raffie Furcal smacked that bunt towards second! Vintage Raffie is back baby!!!!!!!!! If the Dodgers can continue playing this type of baseball, it will be hard to say that they can’t steamroll over every single team in the playoffs!! Go Big Blue Wrecking Crew! Go Bums! Go Dodgers!

    I also like the Rays but kinda prefer to see a Red Sox and Dodgers World Series. What do you think?

  3. matthewtanglao7@gmail.com

    The only team to have come back in the League Division series after losing the first two games at home were the New York Yankees of 2001. If the Chicago Cubs are going to repeat that same trend, then the bats really need to get going, and Rich Harden needs to pitch the game of his life. Four errors in Thursdays Dodgers-Cubs game really came back to haunt them. Understanding Carlos Zambrano’s frustration, he had to wonder what might have been, if those unearned runs would have not happened in the first place. One error for each outfielder hurts. You do have Manny Ramirez hitting his second home run of this series. Russell Martin drove three runs with that double in the second game.

    Shane Victorino finally hit a grand slam, and the Phillies are just one win away. The Phillies existed for about a century (correct me if I’m wrong) and only have one World Series title to show for (1980) CC Sabathia’s consecutive games on three days’ rest was going to catch up with him, as he gave up those big runs in the second inning. If the Brewers are going to make this a series, Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, J.J. Hardy, and the rest need to get their bats going.

    The NL Central Representatives in this postseason face a daunting task of coming back from 0-2, and need a spark really fast.

    And that’s all I have to say

    Matthew T.

  4. braverays

    Well, now we know that my beloved Rays should be moving on to the second round. They have played incredibly well so far and stood up to the White Sox and all those pesky doubters. Now it’s a question of who will join the party.And I sympathize with Cubs fans everywhere. After watching the Braves (my other favorite team) get eliminated for ten consecutive years, I know some of what it’s like. Best of luck in game three.Brentonhttp://braverays.mlblogs.com

  5. buba


    By the way it looks I think the cubs will win game three just because Harden is pitching and lose game four because they have no heart.

    The Phillies have too much pitching for the brewers to make a comeback.

    After I saw A.J. Pierzynski show off the ball to a twin player after he got ran over I wanted the white sox to lose so bad. I hope they get swept by the Rays.

  6. andchanged

    What happened? It looked to me like Harden was struggling mechanically and was somewhat injured… I thought “well…if he doesn’t walk anyone, they’ll be in business!”
    But, losing command is one thing – command AND velocity – though he had a good at-bat in the 5th(?) inning, driving Kuroda’s pitch count up, I was hoping he would not go too long/take many swings for his own good.
    I’ll have to go to the Cubbies site.
    One similarity shared with C.C. —giving up walks can REALLY phase a pitcher when they are not used to this.

    But, hey — let’s have fun watching these other teams and look ahead. There is only one April-Sept 28th every year!

  7. andchanged

    Hey Gonzo-

    It was really interesting when Cal Ripken demonstrated the sinker ball on Wednesday – how to hit it. He was referring to Derek Lowe. He showed how Derosa managed to hit the home run – by not pulling the ball. Rather, he brought his arms in and sort of used a “locked” position. Ripken showed what happened when a player tried to pull one…bounces right to the 3rd baseman or foul.
    It’s too bad the brew crew’s closer has not been able to pull off his sinker for more than a month. He has (had) not been effective in that regard. It was so flat, and all I saw were change ups. But the sinker is Solomon’s pitch. How can a closer rely on a sinker when he doesn’t get to use it more than an inning more than 2 games a week?
    Are there any other closers who rely on the sinker?

    Back to DeRosa – looks like he’s dealt with Lowe before!
    Too bad about Dempster. His rising fast ball is normally an effective pitch, but the wind was pushing the thing up. I don’t think anyone should be mad at him. The cubs will do what they do next year.
    It’s a shame that Zambrano got rooked with all of the infield errors (ghosts on the field???)
    Then we would’ve seen Lilly. Though I resented losing to him, he was unHITTABLE!
    It really says something about the cubs-the 4th pitcher has a better record than some of the aces on other teams! That guy is slippery. Ouch…

  8. papadavespiazza7

    The BIG BLUE CREW are BOSOX west( MANNY, NOMAR, THE LOWEMAN) They just may go all the way! Manny would love to return to Fenway, and rub the BOSOX nose in it!!

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