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Rookies Rule

Sitting here at my computer all the time, I’m thinking when I’m not blogging. And lately I’ve been thinking about rookies and how these first-year phenoms can make things happen for teams in September and then all the way through October.

You don’t even have to be on the 25-man roster in the first three months of the season to make your presence felt when it counts.

Frankie Rodriguez did it almost every night for the Angels in 2002 at the age of 20 after making his Major League debut in late September! Six years later, K-Rod’s team is a lock for October and he’s closing in on the all-time single-season saves record.


How about Jacoby Ellsbury last year? Did anyone see that coming – besides Theo Epstein and the Red Sox brass?


I can’t wait to find out which rookies will rile things up in this year’s Postseason, and I’ve got two in mind that I think might just etch their own names into the October history books.

One of them hits a ton and plays the hot corner like a veteran even though he zoomed through the Minors.


One of them crouches behind the plate, calls the games for a top pitching staff, and does just fine with the bat, thank you very much.


Both of these young stars have been in their leagues’ Rookie of the Year conversations all season, and they’re the favorites for that hardware.

But something tells me it’s not the only hardware they want.

Now you tell me: Which rookies will make the biggest impact this month and through October.

Let me know.