A loooooong Sunday

I hope you all stayed up late to watch that epic game between the Red Sox and Angels. L.A. finally showed why they had the best record in baseball, breaking their winless streak against the Sox and getting one more shot in Fenway Park as they try to take that American League Division Series back to Anaheim.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day the White Sox did the same thing in their home park. Here’s a quick recap:


Rays starter Matt Garza is young, talented and very emotional, and we saw that yesterday. We also saw that the White Sox are no joke. This is a team that won it all only three years ago and a team that’s always tough to beat at home. Monday’s game brings a lot of intrigue, as the Rays need to show they can win on the road when it counts. We all know how good they are at the Trop, but can they bring it at the Cell? And the White Sox, well, they’re just trying to stay alive. And they’re good at that.

ANGELS 5, RED SOX 4 (12)

Wow. What else can you say? There was so much going on that you could write a whole blog about this game alone. This series just got a lot more interesting, too. The Red Sox look banged up, with J.D. Drew, Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell all playing hurt, but that 2-1 series lead and another game at Fenway make them seem a lot healthier in a hurry. The Angels just want to win one and get another shot at home. A rested and revenge-minded John Lackey should help.

How are your predictions turning out? What will the AL Championship Series look like?

Tell me what you think.



  1. rahome45@comcast.net

    Dodgers are trying to sneek up on folks, they did it to the Cubs.

    Not Philly, we have too many smart players and fans. It’s all “RED OCTOBER” in P-Town and we are goin’ all the way baby.

  2. yankslove4life

    I am hoping for the Red Sux to lose, but with what they’ve done to the Angels the past few postseason games (besides this one of course), it looks like they may move on. as you can probably tell, i am a die-hard yankees fan.

  3. andchanged

    Hey-I have not followed the AL teams nearly as much as I’ve wanted, but, I have a question; have the Angels won those 100 using small ball as a weapon???
    It’s amazing how they can do what they do with all of those singles. It seems that, in game 2, there were only 1 or 2 extra base hits.

    If my team (the Crew from Brew town) could train with the Angels for a week, I’d LOVE if we could play this way. I know that the extra base hits need to come more often, but, hey-it can really throw the pitcher the more he gives up the hits! This whole series is so much fun to watch! Even though my team did not make it past game 4, it’s an advantage to be a fan of the game itself. Wish I’d been at home to watch TBS, because the Gameday simulations could not sum things up for me.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Mid season Lackey was dominant. I don’t know what has happend to him? I think Red Sox hitters have caught onto Lackey. He almost no-hit them late this year, but it seems they’ve done their homework since then. Lackey we need to pitch the game of his life! I’m looking forward to it, if I can get out of school in time.

  5. Chris

    At first it looked like it could be Cubs vs. White Sox in the Fall Classic but since the Cubs and White Sox have been eliminated I am going to say that it is going to be Dodgers vs. Angels in an all California battle for the world series title.

  6. papadavespiazza7

    BoSox looking gooood!Another WS Ring, is just what the doctor ordered! BoSox over Dodgers in six games!

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