One more before October

Seven teams are waiting.

October is waiting.

And tonight, everybody will be watching as the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox fight it out for the eighth and final spot in this year’s postseason.

Nothing gets me more excited than a tiebreaker.  We’ve only seen four one-game tiebreakers in American League history, and, at this point, it’s tough to say which team is going to come out on top.

Tonight’s game is not just a battle for the playoffs.  It’s a battle of two of the American League’s best young guns — Chicago lefty John Danks and Twins right-hander Nick Blackburn.

Isn’t it amazing the way two teams can be so close to one another all year, playing each other 18 times during the regular season, but we still need to see one more as the rest of baseball watches?

That’s called excitement.

And these two franchises have proven over the last several years that they’re worthy contenders for the World Series.  The Twins seem like they’re always in it, despite a low payroll.  And the White Sox won it all just three years ago.  

Tonight’s game also features two of the craftiest managers in baseball going head-to-head.  I’m sure Minnesota’s Ron Gardenhire and Chicago’s Ozzie Guillen will make their mark on this one in the strategy department.

Seven teams are waiting.

October is waiting.

Play ball.



  1. David Horne

    I’m glad for Thome and Junior — glad they are both getting another shot at a ring. I am still in shock that the White Sox won three straight, nevermind how they did it — three straight pitchers on short rest? Crazy, but fantastic for baseball fans this time of year. Good luck to all you fans, whichever team you are pulling for.

  2. nicky710

    I have came to a conclusion that yes these 8 teams are the best baseball has to offer! This was one hell of a season. For a dark horse team, I think those Phightin Phils have the hot pitching and a whole lot of run support to go with it. The Brew Crew’s pitching is in shambles with only CC as their ace in the hole. For the Brewers it is a shame CC can not pitch all 5 games if needed.

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