Go Gonzo Over October

October Gonzo, checking in for the first time. There’s a new blog here that’s
coming to life on TV and here at MLBlogs.com. It’s going to be dedicated to
everything October Baseball Past. Present. And everything in between.


shocking blows.


The random miracles.


The images of grownups being kids again.

I’ll be checking in with posts
about those unforgettable gems and stories that lead us to The 2008
Postseason. Plus they gave me ACCESS TO THE VIDEO VAULT!

So we’re
going to put together some videos on the blog too! Check out those clips above.
They’ll be plenty more where they came from. And drop in all the



You heard it here first OGonzo – Pittsburgh Pirates will SURPRISE (in other words, .500 and beyond)!

Wonder who will do the October happy dance this season? I vote Lou Pinella dancing to 50 Cent. 🙂
Nothing beats the Joe Carter dance, just jump as high as you can all the way to home plate.

Hey Rick, you should get the video of the homer that made Jeter Mr. November up from Game 4 ’01. Though it wasn’t technically in October, it was a greeeattt postseason moment.

I don’t know if you all have seen http://www.battingstanceguy.com ? Its really funny.

Don’t forget Matt Holliday’s winning sorta-tag from the tiebreaker, or Chris Burke’s walk-off homer in Game 4 of the NLDS!
That Papelbon-crazy-dance video gives me nightmares.
Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

Ozzie Smith ’85, line shot homerun over the right field wall to make Jack Buck yell: GO CRAZY FOLKS! GO CRAZY!

Got chills just thinking about it.


Sid’s slide in 92…Kirby’s home run to beat the Braves in a world series game in 91

Welcome to the blogosphere, Gonzo! Best of luck to you.

Bruce Markusen
“Cooperstown Confidential”

That Jeter play was truly amazing heads up baseball. Can you post the video link to the entire 99′ Red Sox Yankees game where Pedro struck out 17? 🙂 I really do want to watch it though, because I didn’t get to see it live and have no idea where to find the archived game.


Jeter’s play was amazing. How anyone had the focus and quick thinking to shovel that cut off throw is beyond me…I don’t like the yankees, but its hard to not like Jeter.


The best preformance in the World Series is Greg Maddux, for the Atlanta Braves, in the 1995 World Series. He pitched a complete game with a 2.25 ERA. To this day, he is still able to make batters look like fools without even throwing in the ninties! He has truly perfected the art of pitching.


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